Friday, February 19, 2010

Aah Moments

Little ones. That cause you to stop what you're doing for a moment.

Here are a few:

-Hawk landing on urban porch railing, just outside the window

-Walt Whitman poetry read on the radio

-Flames waving from the center chimney of a Thai soup kettle

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Coffee Dreams

Ran away to the coffee shop this afternoon. Bottomless cup, scone, wi-fi, not much else. I tipped the jar.

Local coffee house, not a chain; they roast their own.

Watercolors on the walls, I think one of the baristas is the artist. I like one of a funky car garage, iconic old cars in view, a '50's architecture building. Looking northwest from the cafe, the building appears in real-life cameo. Still in honest use as a repair garage.

I like that.

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It's too cold in my workshop.

Hanging from the trusses above, an ultralight kayak built in September awaits final trim.

 On the floor below, a dog sled that is a dozen years old, maybe more, has been partially sanded. When a new coat of varnish is done, and bits of rawhide are  replaced, it's meant to go to a friend.

Meanwhile, cardboard boxes, lengths of wood, and bits of furniture are haphazardly occupying shop space. Trips to Costco produce more cardboard than I like to see, though soon to be dutifully recycled.  Lately, I've had packages arrive that are being reused, rather than broken down for recycling.  Certain suppliers offer the option when ordering; the packages arrive with a label that holds the history of the box's travels. I've meant to research the journey but haven't as yet. So far the boxes have been only slightly unkempt, yet able to carry their contents as intended.  Seems like a great idea.

The cold,  I could offset with a heater, an extra sweater or two. Other things keeping me away from the work can't be avoided for now.